What class is right for you?
Monday Morning fitness  –  All levels
A wake up the week session, combining cardio work, sculpting and a good stretch. Easy to follow and fun to do
Cardio Dance –  Advanced level 
Samba, mambo and cha cha your calories away, a fun, easy to follow dance workout, finish with a great stretch.
Body Blast –  All Levels 
Toning up all the bits that matter. With a fun but very effective workout, using the very latest in body sculpting to kick start your calorie killing body. This class is great for a complete beginner and for fitness fans looking for great results.
Step and Sculpt –  Level – intermediate to advanced 
A tough stuff Fat burning workout with intensive condition for the bits we love to hate.
Pure Pilates – all levels 
Exercise to strengthen your back flatten your abdominals, slimline your waist and improve your posture. For all levels of fitness. Giving stability, flexibility and tone back to our bodies, Ideal if you want to change shape without getting hot and sweaty!